The Brands Shaping the Sector Since 1965


Founded half a century ago as a family business in a small factory in Adapazari, Brode Nazik is now a world brand known as Nazik Markalar. Opening up to Istanbul from Adapazari in 1965 and then from Istanbul to Turkey and to whole world ever since, Nazik Markalar has now become a company followed by the world, thanks to thousands of brodes it has produced.

Supplying the home textile companies in Turkey and carrying on export to the world brands, Nazik Markalar brought a new breath of fresh air into the home textile by setting up Royal Nazik within its organisation in 2010. Taking pride in the success it has achieved via branching out in a very short time, Royal Nazik expanded its product range including table cloths to living-room sets, bedlinens, bedcovers, towels and mat sets and became the indispensable brand of home textile.

Founding the brand Hobby Nazik in 2015, Nazik has satisfied the need for wholesale and piece purchases, with 11 colour options available. Hobby Nazik draws attention with its balance of quality and price in brode, bedlinen fabric categories.

Baby Nazik was founded in 2016 with a view to producing safe and healthy products for babies. Thus, Nazik Markalar has gained “Confidence in Textiles” with the certificate “Confidence in Textiles”.


Now incorporated under the roof of Nazik Markalar, the brands Royal Nazik, Brode Nazik, Hobby Nazik and Baby Nazik have become a strong family with its professional employees and business and solution partners. The wholesale and retail sales of all these brands are gathered at the website

Keeping up with the advancing technology ever since it was founded, Nazik Markalar managed to become one of the leading companies in its sector by increasing its production capacity day by day.