Esteemed Business Partners,

We would like to introduce Nazik Home company that is one of the leaders in Turkish Textiles Sector.

With our state-of-the-art technology and strong team, we have been continuing production in our plants on an area of 7 thousand square meters since 1965. You can assess our products based on your needs or request special production.

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Our Production Categories:

Accessories: Eyelet Fabric, Guipure, Bobbin Lace, Motif, Kort Lace and Designs

Bedroom Textiles: Bedspread, Bed Cover Set, Bed Linen, Pillows & Duvet & Sheet, Blanket

Bathroom Textiles: Towel, Bathrobe, Mat

Living Space: Table Cloth, Living Room Textiles, Runners, Dining and Presentation Sets

Baby Products